Final Projects

Students have completed their pecha kucha presentations and are getting ready to submit their final website projects. They’re building wikipages to share what’s they have learned. Take a look at some of the fascinating topics they are exploring:

4chan & Anonymous, Chloe Westman

Reddit and Popular Internet Memes – Rich Becker

Radio and Literacy – Luis Cruz

How the Digital World is Affecting Music in the 21st Century – Seth Phillips

How has Technology and the Internet Affected the General Attitude of College Students. Scott Stitzer

How Museums Are Using Digital Media -Dan Magerr

Digital Music & Culture – Corey Abramson

Twitter and Politics- Karen Fisher

Cyberbullying- Lorraine Childs

Use of Technology in Poor inner-city Neighborhoods- Keaton Nichols

Philly’s Digital Immigrants- Kevin Hopkins

Hip-Hop in the Classroom- Josh Widener

New Media-Based Language Learning-Haixia He

The Digital Divide in Gender and Education – Genevieve Gillespie

Twitter in Education-Robert Flores

Youtube in the Classroom-Jaleesa Jackson

Hip-Hop In Today’s Classroom -Ashley Blakeney

Social Networking Sites and Kid’s Privacy Bi-Hsuan Chien

Social Media and Parenting- Kaneisha Woods


About Renee Hobbs

Renee Hobbs is a Professor at the Harrington School of Communication and Media at the University of Rhode Island, where she directs the Media Education Lab.
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