Weekly Response #4. Create a Jing screencast that combines images from your selected YouTube video with your spoken-word script to analyze the video using the five critical questions of media literacy.

In producing your screencast, make strategic use of image-sound relationships in order to achieve a powerful “aha” experience for the viewer. When completed, upload the screencast to Renee’s Screencast account.

Criteria for Evaluation
1. Your 3 – 4 minute screencast offers a critical analysis of a YouTube video in a format that’s engaging, creative, thought-provoking and meaningful to viewers.
2. You address core issues of media literacy by using critical questions or “buttons” on the media literacy remote control.
3. The vocal performance, pacing and image-sound relationships contribute to create a quality media production.

DUE: Thursday, September 29

Weekly Response # 3. After completing the reading for this week, use the critical questions of media literacy to analyze a YouTube video of your choice using the five critical questions of media literacy (and, if you like, the “buttons” on the remote control). You can see a example of a YouTube video I’ve chosen to analyze along with a list of the critical questions as found in the class readings. Compose a script of 250 – 350 words in length that you can perform aloud to share your interpretation and analysis of the video with members of our class. In a blog entry, embed the YouTube video and post the script.

Criteria for Evaluation
1. You have selected a YouTube video that would benefit from critical analysis.
2. Your script answers the critical questions in ways that generate new insights about the video, creating an “aha!” experience for the listener.
3. Your script is engaging and appropriate for oral performance, with a snappy introduction and compelling conclusion. It meets the word length requirement.

DUE: Thursday, September 22

* * * * * * * * * *

Weekly Response #2. Select five powerful quotes from the readings for this week to explore the idea of literacy as a social practice, situated in terms of videogames, professional or personal discourse communities, or online social networks. For each quote, offer a short paragraph that explains the author’s idea in your own words and what you find interesting, important or problematic about these ideas. Select an appropriate image to accompany your work. Then, review the list of works cited from the readings for this week and select one article, book or other resource to find and read on your own, using library and online research. Describe the process of why your selected this article, how you found it (explain specifically the process you used) Finally, offer a brief summary of the key ideas in your own words.  Post on your WordPress blog. DUE: September 15

Criteria for Evaluation
1. You have selected appropriate quotes from the readings and used writing to demonstrate your attention to the key arguments each author is making about literacy as a social practice.
2. You have found a citation from the work of one of these, described your research process, and offer a short summary that captures the main ideas of the work, along with a full citation in APA format.
3. The writing is well-organized and clearly written, with no spelling, grammar or other errors.

* * * * * * * * * *

Weekly Response #1. For this week’s writing, think about your own lifetime of experiences learning with and about media and technology. After reading the articles for weeks 1 & 2, select a couple of key ideas that were meaningful to you and use a combination of summarizing, direct quotation and paraphrasing to share your interpretation of these texts.

Then make a connection between the texts and your life that enables you to share a relevant personal experience about your experience as a learner. Perhaps you’ll talk about a family member who offered a critical perspective on the news or the movies. Or maybe you had a unique learning experience that helped you learn about the Internet, file downloading or video editing. Or maybe you had the chance to teach someone else how to do something cool or interesting with media or technology. Offer some kind of a connection that helps us know YOU a little bit better and that ties together ideas from the reading with your own experience.

Suggested length: 500 words. Post on your WordPress blog but make sure the instructor as the URL. DUE: September 8.


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