In-Class Activities

We’re learning about new media literacies while exploring new competencies, tools and technologies ourselves this semester. A number of hands-on learning experiences help us examine the relationship between theory and practice. Every once in a while, we get into the computer lab to do some hands-on, minds-on work:

The Intellectual Heritage of New Media Literacies. In the second week of class, we recognized the influence of John Dewey, Marshall McLuhan and Jerome Bruner in shaping many of the core ideas of new media literacies. Howard Gardner and Henry Jenkins illustrate some of the key tensions emerging in the field, too. Learn more about the process here.

Analyzing the Network Discourses of Your Facebook Friend. In the fourth week of class, we explored the ways in which others perceive our Facebook or social network identities. Students work with a partner to analyze their partner’s identity as a member of a networked public using the concepts of primary discourses and secondary discourses, acquisition and learning, meta-level knowledge and literacy. They examine how a person’s profile and networked identity reflect social interaction needs, group identities and social voyeurism. We discussed how architectural design elements of social networks, including persistence, searchability, replicability, and invisible audiences, shape impression management and the performance of identity.


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